3D Preview and Download


Once your video is turned into a 3D animation, it is essential to preview and compare the animation with the source video to ensure accuracy and quality. Previewing allows you to assess the performance, timing, and overall quality of the animation, while the video reference helps you evaluate the alignment and similarity between the two.

Playback Controls

Use the playback controls provided by the software to navigate through the animation and video. Pause, rewind, and scrub through specific frames or sections to analyze them in more detail. This allows you to focus on specific movements or segments for closer examination and comparison

Scene Navigation

Navigate seamlessly and efficiently whether you need to pan across the animation, zoom in for detailed analysis, or orbit around the subject for a comprehensive view. These navigation features can significantly enhance your workflow and help you review and analyze your animations effectively. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the pan, zoom, and orbit functionalities and discover how they can improve your experience while previewing 3D mocap animations.

  • Zoom: Scroll

  • Pan: Right-click

  • Orbit: Middle-click, left-click

When working with a 3D environment using a trackpad, it's important to be aware of the challenges you may encounter while orbiting around objects or scenes. Orbiting, which involves rotating the view to gain different perspectives, can be more challenging with a trackpad compared to other input devices such as a mouse.


Once you have happy with your 3D animation, you may want to download and save the file for further use. The default download format is FBX.

If you need your animation in another format, you have to open it in Rokoko Studio and pick your export settings from there.

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