Edit in Rokoko Studio

Clicking "Edit in Studio" on the header will open Rokoko Studio for you to edit the animations you have just made. Here you can trim the animation, toggle the Locomotion filter, edit foot locks and much more.

The process is similar to working with our Smartsuit Pro or other hardware in Rokoko Studio.

  • Open Rokoko Studio to refine your mocap animation.

    • Be sure that you have the same team selected as in Rokoko Vision.

    • Find your animation in the Rokoko Vision project, within the scene named after your animation

  • Check the timeline at the bottom to view the animation and foot lock key frames. Green bars indicate the left foot on the ground, and blue bars indicate the right foot on the ground.

    • Adjust the foot lock key frames for cleanup if needed.

    • Visualize foot locks by clicking the gizmo in the scene.

    • To fix errors, modify the foot lock key frames to match the actual movement.

  • Enable Treadmill mode to remove foot locking/locomotion; may useful for animations that only utilize upper body movement.

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