📞Camera: Using an iPhone

Your computer and iPhone needs to be connected to the same WiFi network.


On Windows you will need to install an iOS app and corresponding Windows application to setup your iPhone as a webcam. The following combinations should work and available for free:

iOS AppWindows Application

Camo (recommended)

Once you've followed the instructions to configure the apps, you should see your iOS camera feed in their respective Windows application. The Windows application can then be selected as a camera in Rokoko Vision.


Use the following guide to connect your Mac computer to an iPhone using the Continuity feature to gain access to the iPhone camera on your Mac computer.

Use iPhone as webcam guide

If you're using a browser other than Safari, such as Chrome, please ensure the following steps are applied to see the iPhone as a camera:

  1. Go a Recording view in Rokoko Vision (Single Camera or Dual Camera)

  2. Make sure none of the selectable cameras use the iPhone as the microphone

  3. Turn off your iPhone (i.e. lock it/turn off the screen) and put it in landscape mode at the bottom of your Mac screen

  4. Start Photobooth on your Mac and select iPhone there

  5. Go back to Rokoko Vision and refresh the page

  6. You should now see your iPhone as a selectable camera (using the back-facing camera)

Continuity uses the iPhone's back camera for highest possible image quality. You can use the phone both in Portrait and Landscape mode, but in Portrait mode, the image will be zoomed in, while less cropping occurs in Landscape mode.

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