📷Supported Cameras


The ambition of Rokoko Vision is to make it easy to get started so that you don't need to buy new hardware to get started. We have strived to support as many standard camera types as possible as long as they can connect to a computer and is recognized as a camera device.

Our recommendation for the dual camera set up is to use a webcam wired to the PC and a smartphone. That setup gives you both a lot of flexibility and opportunities in your setup.

Recommend Resolution, FPS and FOV

For optimal results, we recommend 60 fps and full HD (1920x1080p) or higher. For Field of View (FOV), we don't recommend working with fish-eye lenses.

Supported RGB cameras

  • Webcam: All webcams that can be connected to a computer and understood as a camera input devices in the OS. We recommend starting with a good webcam as it's very cost-effective.

  • Smartphone: Any modern smartphone (iPhone or Android) with decent cameras.

  • DSLR Cameras: Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras are also a good choice for motion capture setups due to their high-quality image sensors and manual control options. They will be supported as long as they can be connected via WiFi or cable to the computer.

  • Mirrorless Cameras: Mirrorless cameras provide similar benefits to DSLRs, offering interchangeable lenses and excellent image quality. They will also be supported as long as they can be connected via WiFi or cable to the computer.

Camera support matrix

The following cameras have been tested and verified to work on the indicated browsers.


See guides on how to use your iPhone or Android as a camera.

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