Preview, Trim and Process Video


This article will help you to preview, trim and process your video recordings.

When working with motion capture animation, it's essential to start with high-quality video footage. However, recorded videos often require trimming to remove unwanted sections or improve overall quality before they can be converted into mocap animation.

Preview video recording

Preview the video to assess its content and quality. Scrub through the timeline or use the video preview window within the editing software to watch the video. Previewing the video helps you identify specific segments that need trimming or editing.

Trim your recording

Mark In and Out Points in the timeline to trim unwanted parts of the video. Most video editing software provides tools like the play head, markers, or trim handles to precisely mark the desired section. Set the In Point at the beginning of the segment and the Out Point at the end. This will define the range you want to keep for the mocap animation.

Process your recording

Once you are satisfied with the trimmed video, you convert it to 3D by clicking the "Turn into animation" button.

Hold tight! We are now processing your video into a 3D animation. It could take up to 10x the duration of your recording. You don't have to wait in the browser - we will send you an email once the processing is done.

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