Recording a Video


You can create animations three ways via Rokoko Vision and all the processes start from the "Create" page, as shown above. Each process is described below

Grant camera and microphone access in your browser to when using Dual or Single Cameras to record a video. Look for the prompt and click "Allow" or a similar option to enable video and audio. This only needs to be done once pr. browser.

1. Record with a Single Camera

  1. Before starting recording make sure that you are using the correct camera and microphone.

  2. Clicking the recording button will start the countdown, giving you time to go to the starting position and get yourself ready for recording. When the countdown reaches zero the recording will start. Make sure that you stay in the frame while the recording is in progress.

You’ll find your input devices under the preview of your both video feed. Make sure your full body is visible to both cameras during the recording session. Don't see cameras listed? Learn more →

2. Record with Dual Cameras

Recording with a dual camera setup will provide enhanced accuracy and capture of movements. In this guide, we will walk you through the necessary steps

  1. Before starting a recording, make sure that you are using the correct camera and microphone.

  2. Perform the camera calibration steps using the Checkerboard and Floor Calibration markers.

Both calibrations helps understand the characteristics of each camera and correct any distortions or discrepancies in the captured images. Aslo can significantly enhance the accuracy and coordination of a dual-camera setup for motion capture. How to calibrate? Learn more →

  1. After completing the calibration successfully, click the record button. The countdown will begin, allowing you time to position yourself in the starting position and prepare for the recording.

Utilize this countdown period to ensure that your body remains within the frame of both camera views and that you are ready to perform the desired motions.

  1. Remain in the frame of both cameras during the recording.

It is crucial to stay within the frame of both camera views. Avoid moving too far out of the field of view, as this may result in incomplete or inaccurate motion capture data. Stay mindful of your position and movements, making any necessary adjustments to ensure that your body remains visible to both cameras throughout the recording session.

3. Upload an existing video

If you have a video file that you want to convert into mocap animation, select the Upload Video option and select the video file from your computer that you want to convert to 3D animation.

  • Formats supported: MOV, MP4 and WEBM

  • Max file size: 300 MB

  • Max duration: 2 minutes

  • Upload one file at a time

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